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Portfolio: December 96 - December 97

Web-design contractor, Auckland, New Zealand

During 1996 I lived and worked as a web-designer in Auckland, New Zealand. My main employer was an ISP, Telecom-XTRA. I did design, production, illustration and photography for their subscriber-oriented 'magazine' site. I was also contracted for several projects for special clients of Telecom-XTRA: the official website for the America's Cup 2000 and an online bookstore for Whitcoulls book sellers.

Americas Cup 2000

Telecom NZ were sponsoring Team New Zealand's defence of the Americas Cup and had won the contract to build the website. They commissioned me to architect, design and build the site. We met with Team New Zealand to work out a the tone and focus of the site and I then worked with a journalist to source and produce content and photography for the pages.

Team New Zealand wanted a site that expressed the long history and traditions of the Americas Cup, while expressing the exciting, high tech aspects that they had brought to the sport, with modern materials and complex keel designs.

Whitcoulls Online Bookstore

Whitcoulls is one of New Zealand's leading high street book retailers. They had invested in the Intershop e-commerce product and wanted to reproduce this success online. I was contracted to design and build a store to sell books (fiction and non-fiction), calendars and stationary that was both browsable and searchable and in keeping with the Whitcoulls brand.

Telecom Xtra

I also worked for Xtra on their ISP subscriber website. This included day to day work designing and building pages for their 'magazine' website site and another online store, to sell Xtra branded merchandise online.